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Available on April 5th

Our Affiliate Program

Welcome to our new affiliate program! We have upgraded our affiliate program and you guys can earn more money on your own. Let's spend a few minutes to learn the new affiliate program before you start.

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1. What's new?

This is a completely new form of the affiliate program, which you can enjoy higher commission rate (Up to 15%), developing your own Sub-Affiliates ( unlimited). When you become one of our affiliates, you can sign in the Affiliate-System to manage by yourself. You can not only get commissions from your referrals, but also can get commissions from your Sub-Affiliates referrals. That is to say, the more Sub-Affiliates you develop, the more EXTRA commissions you'll earn.

New Affiliate program Vs Old

2. How to become an affiliate?

We have new rules for the one who want to be our affiliate.

Existing Affiliate Members: If you are the existing affiliate member of our old affiliate program and have earned commissions, congratulations, you are most likely to be our new affiliate. And the commissions rate range from 10% to 15%. But what rate you will get exactly depends on the purchases of your referrals. We'll email you if you are considered to be our new affiliate.

Fresh Blood : If you are completely new with the affiliate program and have a confidence to earn commissions, welcome! We need to review your qualifications to see if you are suitable. You'll need to fill in the registration form on the first page and wait for the confirmation email.

3. What to do?

What to Do

-Sign In

If you successfully join the new affiliate program, just simply sign in with your available affiliate account. Then you can start to manage your account information, like change password, change payment methods and know some notifications, etc.

- Place Your Ads

Login to choose our banner ads and text links from your Affiliate link, then place them anywhere on your own site or social media like blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. You don't need to be a technical whiz - just a copy and paste! Don't forget to share the coupon code "FIFACOIN" with your visitors, enjoy 5% discount at!

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- Earn Your Commission

Visitors who click your affiliate link to are considered as referrals. If they make a qualified purchase, you will automatically earn commissions!

- Earn Extra Commission

Visitors who click your Sub-Affiliates’ affiliate link to are also considered as your referrals. Your Sub-Affiliates and you can both earn commissions, but how much you will earn depends on the commission rate you shared.

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