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Which new features will be added in FUT 23?

With every new version update every year, EA SPORTS needs to impress football fans around the world with new features, so what will change in FUT 23?

Online Career Mode. The online career mode might finally arrive with FUT 23, which fans have been waiting for long enough. Because Madden launched Connected Careers in 2012 - allowing players to complete their stories together, similar to online football manager saves. If FUT 23 adds this mode, then you can manage teams in the same league with your pals, buy players from each other, and compete for trophies.

Cross-Platform Gaming And FUT Market. Because there is no middle ground for card values, the FUT market in FUT 22 looks chaotic, and the problem of plummeting card values is very serious, which means that the break-in to high-level cards is much worse than it has been in years past. At the same time, some similar top games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. are moving to cross-platform play. The Cross-platform capabilities will allow PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players to join Pro Clubs together, compete in Ultimate Team, and play Co-Op. That's going to be a huge boost for the group of friends around the world, not just console makers at the moment, but console generations as well.

Create A Club storyline. It desperately needed something to differentiate it from the standard career mode. With the rise of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+, which includes a fictional football team called AFC Richmond, Create-A-Club is a very timely addition to FUT 22. Simply put, Create-A-Club is just a career mode where players can create their own jerseys, stadiums, and choose which leagues they want to add, while also being able to differentiate themselves by adding story lines.

Contract Expiry List. Keeping track of soon-to-be free agents in career mode needs to get easier. This is a very simple change: the contract expiry list needs to be added to career mode. For free agents whose contracts have expired or terminated, there is a special menu that collects the names of everyone the player can sign. A menu feature (or area scouting option) that brings together a list of people who can sign contract expiry deals makes things easier,

Ultimate Team Online Tournament. Currently Ultimate Team's focus is mainly on the FUT Champions Weekend League, where the biggest prizes are available and players can compete against top players. Players can call up the best teams during the week and then play on the weekends. FUT offers a variety of ways to strength your team, from completing SBCs to playing gold matches (which can be used to level up).

Full-time International Management. In FUT 23, developers should add a full-time international manager feature to Career Mode, allowing players to compete in National Leagues, WC qualifiers, and collect club football data to pick the best teams.

FIFA 23: Juventus will return to the series after a four-year hiatus

One of the biggest factors that keep EA Sports and its FIFA series ahead of the competition is their extensive licenses for various football leagues and clubs, and while FIFA 22 has over 700 licensed teams from around the world, Some of those big-name teams have clearly disappeared. Konami's exclusive partnership with the Italian club has now come to an end, and it looks like FIFA 23 will feature fully licensed Serie A giants Juventus for the first time since 2019.

The return of Juventus enables developers to deliver a more realistic experience, complete with authentic kits and stadiums, enhancing and truly immersing the player experience. In FIFA 23, fans can play Juventus in their official black and white jersey, and the Juventus Stadium will be completely rebuilt. The club's players will also have real badges on their Ultimate Team cards. Apart from Juventus, Roma, Lazio, and Atalanta were also among the four Serie A teams to be eliminated from FIFA, but all of them received new kits and badges designed by EA Sports. Unfortunately, the remaining three clubs will remain unlicensed in FIFA 23 as their deal with Konami has only just begun.

Roma left FIFA 21, and FIFA 22 the first series without Atalanta and Lazio, leaving Serie A unfinished, but players could also see one of the biggest clubs in European football return in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23: Will there be cross-play in FIFA 23? Cross-platform Ultimate Team on Playstation, Xbox, and PC

Cross-play is becoming the new normal with the development of multiplayer games like Call of Duty and Fortnite. More and more games allow friends across platforms to get closer and enjoy games together even if they are not on the same platform. At present, FIFA 22 supports friends on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to deal with FUT and Pro Clubs, so will FIFA 23 insist on this? Will Crossplay also appear in the FIFA series?

FIFA players have been calling for cross-play for years, and although EA itself has yet to officially confirm the feature, according to an exclusive report from Tom Henderson, FIFA 23 is likely to be the first game in the soccer franchise to support cross-play. Trusted FUT leaker DonkTrading also sheds light on how cross-play will work in FIFA 23. According to a June leak, they claim that next-gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X/S) will support cross-platform play, PC, Steam, and Google Stadia, and this feature also applies to all game modes, especially Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team, and all platforms with cross-play will share a FUT transfer market. But unfortunately not for PS4 or Xbox One. As a reminder, if next-gen owners want to join Pro Clubs games or play Ultimate Team Co-op, they must download the last-gen files for FIFA 22.

FIFA 23: EA Play 10-Hour Free Trial Guide, Early Access

FIFA 23 will launch in September or October this year, and since it's the last game in the series to bear the FIFA moniker, FUT players can't wait to get their hands on the new game. But don't worry, if players are members of EA Play, EA is giving them 10 hours of early access to get early access to FIFA 23 through EA Play.

A number of new licensed leagues and stadiums have been confirmed, and cross-play will also be coming to the franchise for the first time. Players are eager to see how EA delivers on its promise to deliver the best game yet before the rebrand. Unlike beta or demo versions that strip features and modes, early access through EA Play unlocks the full game, which means you'll be able to join your ultimate team right before a match. In order to try FIFA 23 ahead of its global release, all players need to do is sign up for EA Play, which costs $4.99/£3.99 per month, or $29.99/£19.99 for the year. With a membership, you'll be able to download FIFA 23 before the rest of the community and try out the new features for yourself. You will have full access to FIFA 23 and all its features from the start date, however please note that once the 10 hour period is reached, the game will become locked until launch day.

The timing of FIFA 23 Early Access is currently not officially confirmed, but it is expected that FIFA 23 Early Access will begin more than a week before the full release, leaks suggest that FIFA 23 will drop on September 30th, then the time will be in 2022 Wednesday, September 21st.

FIFA 23 : How to play everything in the Closed Beta

FIFA 23 is the last football series EA updated under the FIFA moniker before the series was renamed EA Sports FC. EA has promised that this year's tournament will add a World Cup mode and new cross-play features. According to previous arrangements, it is expected that “FIFA 23” will not be available until the end of September or the beginning of October. There will also be a closed beta of FIFA 23 in the first few weeks of its release, where players can experience an early version.

As the best of all games in the FIFA series, fans around the world want to see new changes, and major changes are currently expected in various modes such as Career Mode, Ultimate Team, VOLTA Football, Pro Club and more.

If you become one of the lucky players selected for the FIFA 23 closed beta, you will be asked to sign an agreement not to share information widely. This means that you cannot post screenshots to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. All players invited to the test will have access to Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Random Selection Mode outside of VOLTA Football, and Pro Clubs. Standard tee mode is available to all players, usually combined with one of the other main features like Ccareer Mode.But the player cannot decide which features can be played, they will be assigned before the code is sent. At the same time, codes will also be randomly assigned, all codes are associated with the account they are sent to, which means they cannot be shared with friends.

FIFA 23: Which platforms will the new version be released?

FIFA 22 was released last year on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It's currently confirmed that players can see FUT 23 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, but other platforms aren't sure.

The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA, called "Legacy", is essentially the same as its predecessor (dating back to FIFA 19), with team rosters, kits and identities updated to reflect the game's new name. If EA Sports decides to go the same route with FIFA 23, don't expect too much innovation.

For PS4 and Xbox One owners, we'd be surprised to see them discounted from the latest entry. After all, FIFA is one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world, and with people still struggling to get their hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X, it seems unlikely that last-gen users will be left behind. But as we start to see other upcoming releases, like Gotham Knights, developers are starting to move from older consoles to next-gen experiences.

FIFA 23: FIFA 23 will include women's football club and the World Cup

FIFA 23 has released its first official trailer, and the most exciting of them all is that FIFA 23 will feature a domestic women's league for the first time.

The first trailer hints at a number of interesting gameplay changes and new technologies, making FIFA 23 the most immersive football game to date. And EA is committed to making FIFA 23 the most inclusive football game to date, as evidenced by the popularity of Sam Kerr on the cover of the Ultimate Edition. For the first time in the series' history, fans will now be able to participate in the Women's World Cup as an iconic club team from the women's world. While women's football first joined FIFA in FIFA 16, when international teams could play in Kick-Off with fully licensed names, jerseys, and badges. Unfortunately, however, the women's side of the sport hasn't received much attention and updates over the next few years. Well, in FIFA 23, that's all set to change, as England's Barclays Women's Premier League and France's tier 1 Arkema are joining the club's squad. That means top women's football teams like Chelsea, Manchester City, and Lyon, along with their home grounds and facial scans, will be on show. Players can join 24 other women's clubs that will be part of more than 700 teams in FIFA 23, check out the full breakdown of each team below:

Barclays Women’ s Super League: Arsenal / Aston Villa / Brighton & Hove Albion / Chelsea / Everton / Leicester City / Liverpool / Manchester City / Manchester United / Reading / Spurs / West Ham United

Division 1 Arkema: Bordeaux / Dijon/ Fleury / Guingamp / Le Havre / Lyon / Montpellier / Paris FC / PSG / Reims / Rodez / Soyaux

We'll have to wait and see how these new clubs are implemented. So far, women's soccer has been limited to kick-off games, but with more teams to choose from than ever before, a women's career mode may not be impossible. All in all, it's been very exciting to see the growing popularity of women in FIFA 23, and hopefully, it's also a good start to more content in EA SPORTS FC 24 and beyond.

FIFA 23: What is the new AcceleRATE system?

FIFA 23 will bring players a ton of new features and innovations, such as the all-new AcceleRATE system. AcceleRATE is a new feature in FIFA 23 that is only available in the next generation. It exists to differentiate between the different running styles of players, categorizing them into three categories based on how fast they can run and how long they can stay at high speed. The prototype is:

Controlled - Most players in FIFA 23 will be of the controlled type as they accelerate evenly in a controlled manner.

Explosive - These are shorter, more agile players who can cover short distances quickly and get ahead of their opponents, even if that means slowing down after the initial burst of acceleration. While these players started faster, their acceleration was slower.

Lengthy - Taller and stronger, these players need more time to start, but as long as they have enough distance, they can catch up to anyone and even surpass them. While these players start slower, they will thrive on longer distances.

Not only will this system provide more realistic gameplay, it should also highlight players' personalities on the field and create a more diverse player type.

FIFA 23: PlayStation and Xbox could have a shared FUT transfer Market

EA released the FIFA 23 reveal trailer on Wednesday, June 20, 2022, meeting some of the players' expectations for FIFA 23. Following the release of the trailer, EA received a backlash on social media after the Pro Clubs game mode did not include cross-play. But what players can know for now is that FIFA 23 will provide a shared transfer marketplace for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Stadia in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Cross-play will be available in the following FUT game modes: FUT Division Rivals (excluding Co-Op), FUT Champions, FUT Ultimate Online Draft, FUT Online Friendlies (excluding Co-Op) and FUT Play a Friend. It will also be available in Online Friendly Matches, Online Seasons (except Co-op Seasons) and Virtual Bundesliga Competitive Game Modes (exclusive to Germany).

The introduction of cross-play as a major addition to FIFA 23 is something fans have wanted for years. With EA adding cross-play to FIFA 23 FUT, this means that FUT 23 will use a shared transport market. Therefore, in FIFA 23, players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia will all share the same transfer market, which means that the number of items listed at the same time will increase significantly. For example, if For players on Xbox Series S to list an item on the Transfer Marketplace, players on Stadia can also view and buy that item.

But please note that this method does not work on PC and Nintendo Switch. Both PC and Switch will not share a transmission market, but will each have their own market. Players on both platforms cannot view or buy the item from the other.

FIFA 23: More about FUT Moments

FIFA 23 is gearing up to be the "biggest FIFA" with many new playable leagues, as well as tons of gameplay changes from HyperMotion 2. Currently, FIFA 23 FUT Moments is a brand new game mode in Ultimate Team that offers players a completely different way of rewarding single-player games.

FUT Moments is the latest mode to join the likes of Division Rivals and FUT Champions in Ultimate Team, where players can take on numerous single-player challenges for rewards, broken down into events tied to superstar players or iconic tournaments. Each FUT Moments game is a short scenario where players must complete some objectives before time runs out. These might include completing a certain number of passes or scoring a specific type of goal at the embers of the game.

FUT Moments is considered a live service, so while many events are available from day one, players can expect to see more and more events over time. Completing any FUT Moments scenario will reward players with stars that can be exchanged for FUT packs or cards to support their team. The harder the selection, the more stars you can get at one time.

Unlike other single-player content such as squad battles, there is also no weekly reward program. Players will earn their stars, which can be exchanged as soon as FUT Moments are completed. Since this new feature exists within its own ecosystem, FUT Moments does not rely on the same season structure as the rest of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. This means that the rewards will be swapped out at various intervals, and players can save the redeemable stars throughout the year as they wish.

FIFA 23: Goretzka, Hummels, Sabitzer, who will be at a disadvantage in FUT?

Some Bundesliga players were unable to convince players last season that they were threatened with relegation in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (FUT). While a slew of professionals from the upper house of German football is shining brightly in the 2021/22 season and will be promoted to FUT 23, there have been various disappointments in the Bundesliga of late. EA SPORTS will distribute relegation from last season's sports performance.

One of the top 5 candidates in FUT 22 is Leon Goretzka. The German national team player from Bayern Munich has had to miss a number of occasions due to injury and has not found his usual goal threat apart from that. The previous score of 87 can only be turned into 85 in FUT 23.

Mats Hummels from Dortmund was only slightly weaker in FUT 22. The 2014 world champion could lose his regular spot at BVB for the 2022/23 season, given the transfers of Nico Schlottbeck and Niklas Soule. EA SPORTS' close attention may cost Hummels his 86. Goalkeeper Cohen Castiles, like the entire Wolfsburg squad, cannot continue the strong 2020/21 season and his 86 should also be dropped by a point or two. Along with Rafael Guerrero, Marcel Sabitzer and André Silva, the 84-year-old trio also had to worry about their previous FUT ratings.

Sabitzer has yet to find a link with Bayern Munich so far, and the Austrian could even drop to 80 or 81. Silva, on the other hand, didn't seem to really fit into Leipzig's system for quite some time, and we're also guessing the Portuguese ended up scoring 82 instead of 84. Angeliño is still Silva's teammate at Leipzig, but David Raum has just been put in front of him. The Spaniard is about to move to Hoffenheim with relegation, and FUT 23 should not be able to keep 83.

Other candidates are Thorgan Hazard (from 82 to 80 ) from Borussia Dortmund, Florian Neuhaus (from 82 to 80 ), Stefan Lainer (from 80 to 77 ) from Borussia Mönchengladbach, and Karim Bellarabi (from 79 to 76 ) from Bayer 04 Leverkusen. The official FUT 23 overall rating presentations are expected in mid-September.

FIFA 23: Will Xbox Game Pass come to the new season?

FIFA 23 is set to launch in September 2022, but players are also wondering if this year's EA football sim will be coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch. Get all the details you want to know here.

The hype around FIFA 23 has reached a fever pitch, and there are plenty of new features to look forward to, from the new FUT Moments mode to cross-play support. However, not everyone can afford to spend more than $60 on a new game.

With that in mind, fans will wonder if FIFA 23 will be available as part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription. But unfortunately, FIFA 23 won't be on Xbox Game Pass when it launches on September 30. But looking at past game updates, with FIFA 19, 20, 21, 22, and all the way into EA Play, so Game Pass can safely assume FIFA 23 is the same, so Game Pass owners may also get it later access to this game.

Not only does EA have a longstanding relationship with the service, but users who subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate can even get EA Play games as part of their membership. Thanks to this, several FIFA games from the past have made their way to Game Pass upon release, allowing players to download them for free.

It’s important to note, however, that FIFA typically doesn’t launch Game Pass until a few months after launch. FIFA 21 launches in May after launch, while FIFA 22 doesn't arrive until June 2022, so don't expect to see FIFA 23 starting on Game Pass until near the end of its life cycle to fully own it.

FIFA 22: Mohamed Salah's career ends in career mode glitch due to insane injury

Some players are very comfortable in multiple positions, and FIFA 23 is looking to embrace that. FIFA 22 career mode has a history of glitches, but Mohamed Salah's 1.8-year absence due to injury must have been unexpected.

Career Mode isn't quite as big as Ultimate Team, but it has an enthusiastic and stable fan base and has been a staple of the series for years. FIFA 23 As the final game of FIFA, EA is giving away some parting gifts to players in Career Mode. Players can not only play as real managers, but even take them to other clubs. Transfer assessments, new player characteristics and off-field purchases will also appear in FIFA 23.

FIFA 22 still offers plenty of laughs, including the latest Mohamed Salah injury glitch, before turning our attention to EA's next installment. Injuries aren't a problem in Ultimate Team, but they can also cause a series of cascading problems in career mode.

A FIFA player suffered an injury glitch while making a career mode save at Liverpool, and Pulled hamstrings would cause long-term problems in real life, causing Salah to be out of action for about a very long time.

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