Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th
Name Rating Delivery Time
90 Brazil ST ICON 1-24 hours
310.63 EUR
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Diego Maradona
91 Argentina CAM ICON 1-24 hours
284.96 EUR
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Ferenc Puskás
92 Hungary ST ICON 1-24 hours
262.27 EUR
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Samuel Eto'o
90 Cameroon ST ICON 1-24 hours
255.18 EUR
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Patrick Vieira
86 France CM ICON 1-24 hours
252.51 EUR
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Éric Cantona
90 France CF ICON 1-24 hours
216.35 EUR
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92 Brazil RW ICON 1-24 hours
204.70 EUR
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Philipp Lahm
89 Germany CDM ICON 1-24 hours
201.05 EUR
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Éric Cantona
88 France CF ICON 1-24 hours
197.70 EUR
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Kylian Mbappé
91 France ST GOLD 1-24 hours
196.68 EUR
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The price of the player card will change according to the market's real-time price.
After the player is bought, please go to Member Center-Orders-Player Withdraw History to check.
Please don't buy the same player before we finished transferring it, or we'll fail to send you the player.
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